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Re: A good Audi day yesterday... thanks to the list.

At 08:45 AM 09/11/97 -0400, you wrote:

> Yesterday turned out to be a great day to hang with some listers. I had
>lunch with Jim Griffin at a BBQ joint in Framingham, MA, and he let me take
>his car for a spin. Jim's '92 100S has 122k miles, is solid as a rock, and
>rides/handles better than it has a right to (thanks to Bilsteins and
>205/60/15 Comp T/A's).

Thanks, Sean... for the kind words... (I'll pass them along to my car, "she'll" appreciate it!!)... and for the lunch. Again, it was very generous...

FWIW, a minor correction... in case anyone cares... the BFGs are actually 215/60/15, not 205. The 215s keep the same rolling diameter of the 195/65/15 OEM tires. The 205s are a bit "off"...

So, Sean, have you convinced the *Missus* to get you some Bilsteins for Xmas? :-)

>Last night, I met up with Paul Royal [90Q20v], Tim
>Abbot [90Q20v], Paul (sorry, I forgot your last name) [5ktq], Jack Rich
>[V8], and Rob Winchell [200tq] (Rob's 200 showed up before he did... I'll
>let you tell that story, Rob), at the Watch City Brewpub in Waltham, MA. A
>few microbrews, a D&W perusal, some Lime Rock pics, and Audi talk, a good

Sorry I missed you guys... as Sean probably told you, I was given the opportunity to go to the Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Fenway... great seats... with two women... (and another guy... sorry... no *menage a trois* threads please!!)... can you blame me?

See ya' next time... :-)

>All-in-all, a great day to be part of the list. Thanks, Dan. Thanks q-list.

Agreed!! Yes Dan... thanks!!

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 100S