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RE: Got my new rims and tires!!

Oops, sorry I forgot to mention this 'minor' detail, but the rims are on
my '85 4kq...


I could give you the specs for the 16" rim, but I'm afraid they would be
completely useless for a 17" application.  If you call Tire Rack (this
is where I bought my setup), they can tell you exactly what the A4 will
accept, and give you specs.


-mark nelson

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> To: 	Mark Nelson
> Subject: 	Re: Got my new rims and tires!!
> Mark,
>      Sorry for the dumb question, but which car did you perform these 
> modifications on. I was also looking at Borbet Type C 17" for my 98 A4
> with 225-45 Pirelli's. I am hoping that this will fit the wheel well
> and 
> not ruin the turning radius. Do you think these will be too wide? I
> was 
> also wondering about the offset of the Borbet. I was told to look for 
> the specs of this value especially because it will determine how the 
> wheel sits on the car. Any help would be appreciated.
>                                        thanks,
>                                        Chris(hlubbs@erols.com)
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> >Hi All!!
> >
> >Well I just got my new Borbet Type C 16x7.5's mounted on Dunlop SP
> 8000
> >225/40ZR16 today, and all I can say is wow!!  I went ahead and
> mounted
> >my new cross-drilled rotors and put the passenger side tires on.  The
> >fit is *much* better than I was expecting.  The clearance in the back
> of
> >the wheel by the spring perch is more than enough, and clears the
> strut
> >housing just fine as well.  The clearance on the steering arms on the
> >front struts are fine too.  On the outside of the rim/tire, I'm
> within 
> a
> >1/2" of the tire clearing the fender...which is about 3/4 " less than
> >what I thought it was going to be!  As a result, it's not going to
> take
> >very much messaging of the fender flares to make the tires clear.
> >
> >Overall, I absolutely love the look of this wider tire, and with the
> >dish effect on these Borbet Type C's, the rims look like 17's.  Every
> >person that's seen the car has thought that I had 17's on the
> car...and
> >they do look VERY deceiving.  
> >
> >Anyway, my front G60 brackets are supposed to be in from Todd Candey
> >tomorrow, and on Monday I'm going to take the brackets and rotors to
> be
> >anodized.  By the end of next week, the car should be rolling around.
> I
> >am going to pick up, at the suggestion of Martin Pajak (thanks!!), an
> >'82 - '89 Z28 front sway bar for the front of the car(35 mm), and
> >transplant the current front sway bar to the rear.  
> >
> >The only things I have left are to install the 10VT engine I bought
> out
> >of an '87 5ktq (which should be here this coming week), and take the 
> car
> >to the body shop to have a slight pull done, the left front door
> >straightened, etc., etc., then paint.  I'm still trying to decide if
> I
> >want to paint the car the original silver, or dark charcoal metallic.
> >While the car is at the body shop, we'll be freshening the motor and
> >getting all the necessary parts ready to do the conversion in a few
> >weeks.  I'll take pictures of it when it's all finished (as well as
> >pictures of the current status of the S2), and email them to those
> >interested.
> >
> >It should look pretty good with the Borbet's which will show a large
> >portion of the anodized cross-drilled machined rotors, the yellow
> brake
> >calipers (yep, I'm going for that Porsche Turbo S look =), silver
> strut
> >housings, etc.
> >
> >cya!
> >
> >-Mark Nelson
> >
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