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Re: Re: Jo Hoppen's A4 1.8T CHIP 200hp - AWESOME

It is quite obvious that your *high-level source* at AoA is incorrect.  And
that you are blatantly uneducated when it comes to Mr. Hoppen's career.  I
can not believe that you and other people make such absurd comments when
you do not have factual information.

Mr. Hoppen did NOT get fired.  He retired from AoA as was explained to me
by Mr. Hoppen himself and as I read in 2 different magazine articles in his
office (speed sport news-forgot date and European Car Mag-June 1996).  

I do not know much about his son's business, but I find it hard to believe
that it *failed* as you say.  Where is your factual information supporting
this statement?  You did not post any factual information backing up your
statement except *your high-level source* at AoA.  Please tell me you can
do better than that.

It is also a fact that Audi employed Mr. Hoppen as a consultant after his
retirement from AoA.  I wonder why Audi would use him as a consultant if he
was fired?  Please tell me about your sources so I may discuss them with
Mr. Hoppen and so you don't look like an idiot in front of everybody
receiving this information.

Let me put things in perspective for you.  I posted 2 postings on the BBS
re: Hoppen's Chip for the 1.8T and 1 posting re: the 2.8L ECU he let me
use.  Now it is not my fault that 90% of the BBS responded with questions
re: it and above all in a positive manner.   There was nothing negative re:
any other chip.  It was FACTUAL information.  Information the other owners
can use.  How can the *tone* of my post be persuasive to one chip or the
other - it was NOT!  Some A4 owners do not know about Mr. Hoppen.  So it
was only prudent to give a little history about him and his
accomplishments.  As a result I received over 30 e-mail messages about the
chip.  All of which are positive and want to know more about it and some
want to purchase the chip.

It is quite obvious (again) that you do not appreciate *FACTUAL*
information regarding performance products (as noted above).  If you were
in the market to purchase a chip for an A4, would you not want to know what
is available?  As I have said before, 90% of the BBS and other A4 owners
*DO* want to know more!

Nobody if forcing you to read the posts re: the 1.8T chip.  So I suggest
that if it bothers you (which  it is obvious it does) you skip them.  Just
because a lot of owners responded to my post, does not make me the guilty
party.  Would it be better to not answer them?  Or maybe you should answer
them since you seem to know *SO* much about Hoppen and their chip.

Let me get something straight here.  I am not trying to sell anything.  I
don't want to sell anything, and I don't care what anyone sells!  I was
simply posting *Factual* information re: a chip!

Don't read the info if it bothers you.


> From: Jeffrey J. Goggin <audidudi@delphi.com>
> To: Greg Heidt <mis@worldnet.att.net>
> Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: re: Re: Jo Hoppen's A4 1.8T CHIP 200hp - AWESOME
> Date: Sunday, September 14, 1997 9:01 AM

> Actually, as it was explained to me by a high-level source at AoA, one of
> the reasons Mr. Hoppen was fired was because he wasn't very good at
> the truth ... there was also some question about the true extent of his
> involvement with his son's (now failed) performance business in
> and his favoritism in allocating VW performance parts to the aftermarket,
> among several other things.
> That said, he does appear to be on good terms with AoA these days
> cited him as a reference in answers to several of my letters to Customer
> Relations) and does indeed have quite a history with Audi motorsports.
> I'm afraid the tone of your post was very much in the infomercial style.
> sure everyone would like to hear of your experience with Hoppen's chip
> you would've done well to write in a more neutral style.  Nothing's
> and until you've established your credibility about making such
> pronouncements, you'd do well to take it easy on the gushing praise
> regardless of the product or its source...