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re: Re: Jo Hoppen's A4 1.8T CHIP 200hp - AWESOME

At 07:01 AM 9/14/97 -0600, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:
>I'm afraid the tone of your post was very much in the infomercial style. I'm
>sure everyone would like to hear of your experience with Hoppen's chip but
>you would've done well to write in a more neutral style.  Nothing's perfect
>and until you've established your credibility about making such
>pronouncements, you'd do well to take it easy on the gushing praise
>regardless of the product or its source... 

The thing that gets me about Greg's claims is that he doesn't even HAVE a
1.8T.  He drives a '97 2.8.  He tested a prototype 2.8 chip briefly, but
he's praising a product that he has little or NO experience with.  I know a
place that makes good VW, BMW and Porsche chips (Autothority).  They've got
a great M3 chip.  I also hear they have a good VR6 chip... ;)

- Josh Pinkert
- flush@radix.net