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In a message dated 97-09-14 03:14:04 EDT, you write:

>So after burning through my pads at Waterford Hills, and then replacing   
>them with Pagids (Orange-front / Yellow-rear) I am experiencing a NASTY   
>squealing problem.  I suppose I should have expected it, but I am   
>wondering if there is anyway to diminish, or optimally get rid of the   
>noise that is causing my ears to bleed...
>Any help is as always appreciated...
>Bob Dupree
>'87 5000CS Quattro  

Bob...that sounds like a weird problem.  In fact, the Pagid yellows (I have
them on my VW) should not squeak, as they were desgined to be a lower
friction pad (hence the extra dust...)  I've never had mine squeak, not even
a chirp.  My dad's Cool Carbons, however, sound like pigs in heat until about
400 degrees....

Carter J