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Need help! '85 80Q

Hi Q-Listers!

I've already posted this question to the list but unfortunately got nothing

My problem is as follows. Rear coil springs which where sold to me as a
original springs for '85 80Q do not fit my suspension. These springs have
coils of external diameter about 98 mm. All coils have the same diameter. In
the rear suspension I have a spring mounts for springs with bigger diameter
(something about 130 mm). I have being told by parts shop manager that my car
has a custom suspension (which is partially true - I have lower springs and
probably shoks) with custom struts and they can sell me custom springs for
$500 each. Otherwise I will have to change struts to stock ones.

So how stock rear springs for 4000Q/80Q looks like? Do they have all coils of
equal diameter or first and last coils less diameter then others? Could
anybody provide me with rough dimensions (height, coils diameter, quantity of
coils)? If manager was right I will have to look for dimensionaly compartible

Any info will be greatly appreciated. TIA

With best regards

'85 80Q