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Re: Need help! '85 80Q


I cannot say for sure, but it sounds like you may have received the rear
springs for a normal FWD (i.e. NON-quattro) 4000/80.  The rear coils on a
4000 non-quattro spring are all the same diameter, which is a smaller
diameter than the larger coils on the front springs.  I believe that the
rear coils for the 4000/80 quattro are similar in shape to the front springs.
It sounds like the place that you bought them from does not know the
difference between a quattro and a front wheel drive Audi.  Maybe you should
ask them if they have a listing for a quattro vs. a non-quattro.

Anyone else care to comment?? (i.e. refute my SWAGs!)

'85 Audi Coupe GT, uses the 4000 FWD suspension
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