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Re: Clear Coat Repair

Nick Ramone asks:
>I looked in the archives but could'nt seem to find the subject 
>My 5000 has some clear coat peeling severly on the hood and in spots on the 
>roof does any one know if the clear coat can be refinished or repaired 
>without re-painting the entire car? If so how much should I expect it to
>cost to have it done?

Does your '85 5000 happen to have "black", or graphite-metallic, paint??

I have seen many, many '85-era Audis with the graphite-metallic paint that
have the clearcoat peeling (mine included).  I think this is a general
problem with the paint/clear-coat that Audi used, that did not manifest
itself until several years had passed. 

As for repair of the clearcoat alone, I don't know if it can be done.  In
my case, the paint exposed by the missing clear-coat has oxidized pretty
severely, and would probably not be salvageable (i.e. the car would need
a repaint).  Also, you would have to remove the old clearcoat from the
paint before re-coating it, lest the old paint continue to flake off,
taking the new clearcoat with it.

'85 Coupe GT, not much clearcoat left on the roof
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