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Re: Audi-Chev conversions

My jaw has dropped as I've followed this thread, and I'm doing some serious 
head scratching.

Just exactly how much does an Audi I5 weigh?  How much does a Chevy small 
block V8 weigh?  Does the V8 weigh 50 (iron) to 110 (aluminum) lbs less 
*installed*, meaning including cooling, fuel, and exhaust systems?  Are you 
seriously telling me that I can drop a different engine into my 4kq and it 
will handle *better* due to being less nose-heavy, and as a minor side 
benefit, have an extra 130-190 HP straight out of the box, plus torque from 
my dreams?

Note that my 4kq drive-train requires the engine to spin at 1000rpm/20mph, 
so a low revving pushrod engine is out.  It would need to spin to 6500 rpm 
to make use of that HP to pull to 130mph.

Where does one find information on engine weights (preferably "installed" 

Blasphemy notes:
   A turbo swap will *increase* the weight in the front due to the extra 
turbo/intercooler components, right?
   I have both an Audi and a Chevy with V8's under the hood.  One of them 
is a gutless puke by comparison, despite being a nicer car.

Jack Rich
90 V8Q
88 Corvette convertible
84 4kq (stock racer, unless this leads to something)