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Audi Delta Radio GALA adjustments (not in the user manual)

I wasn't going to send this to the List (I've sent it to Jet's FAQ
pages) but then I thought "ah what the hey - someone may find
it useful"!

This is a condensation (?) of info recently posted and my own
suck-it-&-see testing of the GALA workings of the Delta Radio.
Unfortunately the user manual is not entirely correct, and certainly
incomplete, when it comes to adjusting GALA.

Firstly, get into the GALA adjust mode by pressing and holding the "TP"
button while switching the radio on.  This brings up a display showing
the text "GALA" which sets control of the vehicle speeds at which the
volume is automatically adjusted.  Move the indicator bar using the up &
down buttons to the left of the volume control.  Moving the bar all the
way to the RIGHT causes the volume to increase at lower speeds (recommended
by author).  Make adjustments as required and store by pressing the two
buttons to the left of the rotary volume knob at the same time (the text
"GALA" will be extinguished).

Now, pressing the "TP" button again allows the setting of the amount of
volume change made by the GALA system.  The display will change to "VOL"
Again move the indicator bar using the buttons as above - bar to the right
causes a greater volume change as speed increases (recommended).  Adjust
as required and again press the two buttons to the left of the rotary
volume knob at the same time to store ("VOL" will be extinguished).
Turn the radio off and on again to resume normal radio operation.

If both these adjustments are set with their bars at the rightmost
positions, the volume of the radio will be boosted by 1dB at 30mph,
2dB at 50mph and 3dB at 60mph (possibly more at even higher speeds - I
haven't checked!).

Lastly, you can get a visual check of the effect of your adjustments
by turning off the radio, then pressing and holding the channel "2"
button while switching the radio on.  The display "GALA" will then be
shown along with the volume level adjustment in dB (eg "GALA 0DB"
when the vehicle is at rest).  You will see the display change as
your vehicle speed increases and decreases.  Turn the radio off & on
again to reset the display.

P.S. (As in the manual) if you really want to, you can turn the GALA
operation on & off by press-releasing the Treble control and then pulling
it out one click further.  Turn it to the right or left click-stops to turn

GALA on or off.