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Re: Jo Hoppen's A4 1.8T CHIP 200hp - AWESOME

it's pretty appalling that somebody who posts information (albeit not in
the most attractive style) gets blasted by the self appointed ministers of

personally i don't care what mr. hoppen did in the past.  if you guys want
to dispute what happened, i think the civilized thing to do is to present
whatever "facts" you have and let the audience judge for themselves. after
all the name calling and insults, there is no new information coming out.

the sneering attitude of "i know it all and you obviously don't"  really
sucks. if you know something that others don't, then let's educate
everybody rather than flame someone.  one can be skeptical without being
an assh*le about it.

at this rate, this place might as well be a newsgroup.  i'm certainly not
going to pay money for this crap.