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what about 4-matic???


I've another clueless friend (errr, birds of a feather?) who's looking
at an MB 300. The particular machine in question has 4-matic. Earl has
done some 'net searching himself, and found that this is a very
high-maintenance system (lotsa fluid to change, lines to replace,
sticking RR brakes, etc) that doesn't seem to work very well when
compared to Subaru or Audi, etc. However, the Benz is huge compared to
an A6. Can anyone provide compelling _evidence_ or _gut feelings_ why
the 4-matic is worth having, rather than a regular 300 with good tires
and chains or an A6Q? No "MB sucks!" stuff, please. BTW, Boise is ~flat,
and only gets 20" of annual snow.

Earl, by proxy