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Re: oxygenated fuel: was Fuel pump failures...

Huw Powell wrote:
> OK, as I mentioned before, I get about 15% less mpg in the winter
> (Oct-Apr), which I have slowly come to realize is probably *mostly* due
> to the reformulated gasoline.
> Has anyone figured out a way to tune for it and get better economy?
> My coupe gets up into the mid 27's in the summer, I'm lucky to hit 23 in
> the winter.  Translates to getting 350 versus 400-425 miles per tank.  A
> real drag.
> Should I just buy a 500 gallon tank and store summer fuel for the winter
> (ugh!)?

I think there's some difference in the formulation as far as vapor
pressure and stuff, too. Makes for easier winter starting, etc. Now
where's the lister (forgotten name) from Oklahoma?

BTW, the wife's '86 4ks (10:1 1.8, CIS-E w/knock sensor) got 29.5 mpg
the last two New England winters (Nov-April), and 32.5 the rest of the
time. Insufficient data on the 4kq.