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Re: Subject: Re: 91 200Q Problem

I had my German mechanic Klaus replace it. After reading Ned Ritchie's
column(Wastegate Valve) in one of the recent Quattro quarterlies, he hit it
right on the nail when he described the symptoms of my intermittentent engine
stalling problem. I told Klaus to check out all of the vacuum hoses and
particulary the Turbo wastegate valve as described in the Bentley section on
turbos. Sure enough the valve was stuck and the hose was shredded/perforated
in at least 2-3 areas. I had Klaus R&R the parts $52.00 for the valve, 12.00
for the hose and 3.00 for the clamp. Labor for diagnostics and replacing the
parts brough the total repair to $181.00 . I am super pleased with how
quickly my turbo spools up and more importatnly, boost stays on line more
consistently through ALL shifts. Pulls incredibly strong at 4th and 5th gears
now with a smoothness on up and downshifts I have never before