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Re: Out of ballance tire

Perry, Christopher wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently had my front tires ballanced because of some vibration int
> the front end. The guy at the shop said that my LF tire was out-of-round
> and that I may still have some vibration from it.  From that corner of
> the car I now have a sound extreemly reminicent of a bad wheel bearing.
> Before I go replacing the wheel bearing. . . but after work today I will swap the tire/wheel in question with another on the car - should I swap the front tires or put it on the back?
> TIA,
> chris perry

Swap offending wheel with rear on same side( 1/2 instant tire rotation).

I too have an o-o-r front tire Pirelli, P500, and just replaced bearing
on that side.  The "bearing sound" was noticeable only when turning (at

I would imagine the amount of vibration (I have none from the o-o-r)
is due to how much the tire is o-o-r.

MJ Murphy
89 100 FWD 3sp Auto