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Re: My Baby

Perry, Christopher wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently took my 89 90Q in to have the front tires balanced.  While
> this may seem trivial to some, I - like many of you fellow listers- do
> most of the work on my cars. I've done engine rebuilds/replacements,
> brake jobs, suspension, electrical wiring, stereos, alarms - is this a
> disease?  However I do not own any balancing or alignment equipment so I
> had no choice.
> The thing that surprised me was the feeling of apprehension, distrust,
> fear, etc. that I experienced when I handed the service guy my keys.  I
> actually stood in the cold and rain(Seattle summer - people in Seattle
> don't tan they RUST!!) outside of the shop bay to watch the kid take the
> tires/wheels off my car - wanting to be inside telling him "remove the
> lug bolt cover with a small flat blade, lug bolts with a 17mm, there's
> no set screw in the rotor so it can get out of line with the hub...".
> Anyway, the job seemed to go OK except that I still have some vibration
> at hwy speeds - apparently from my LF being out-of-round.  I still went
> home and looked at the underside of the car, checked the lug bolts, etc.
>  I guess my fear stems from the fact that when I tell them "it's at
> Quattro" they reply with "'zat a mexican car?"  Anybody else out there
> this paranoid?
> chris perry

YES, especially when men with air powered socket drivers attack lug
Think they really use a metric socket?
MJ Murphy
89 100 FWD 3sp AT