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'90 90q 20v SEDAN brakes & suspension

Hi Folks,
I am the proud owner of a 1990 90q 20v sedan, which is in need of front
brake rotors (p/n 893 615 301 A, single piston ATE 256x22mm) at 141k
miles :-(.  Having tried many sources on the Vendor List, I am facing
dealer purchase only, with my mild 20% discount for $130 each, plus a
set of Mintex pads.  As the rotor offset is unique only to the sedan,
has anyone converted  to the twin-piston, 276x25mm, Girling setup from
the coupes, or has a source for aftermarket cross-drilled, etc.,
specifically for the sedan application? I am interested to know if the
swap is seamless, or if I will need new steering knucles, etc.  Shokan
still owes me over $200 for the wrong rotors that they sent me.  They
expected me to pay the shipping to send them back...!!!

With that aside, I am planning on purchasing a set of Koni's and Eibach
springs in the next few weeks.  The springs are spec'd for a coupe, and
the dealer gives two different part numbers, but are the spring perches
any different?

Has anyone researched exhaust upgrades for the 20v sedan or coupes?
T.A.P. sells Scorpions, but I don't know much about them...

Lastly, I would like to purchase a set of the 15x6.5 BBS wheels from a
90-91 CQ, in *perfect* condition.  Any out there?  If I can locate any,
I would be willing to "donate" my sent of *slightly mis-aligned* Borbet
Type C's...

Many, many thanks!

Ray Tomlinson
Stowe, Vermont