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Re: Fuel pump failures - the cure

> No problems since, though the thought of running that silt thru the
> engine wasn't so comforting.

I checked my pump before throwing it away and the screen wasn't blocked even
partially ... it also died completely and letting it cool for an hour -- the
amount of time it took me to walk home, get my other car and return with the
replacement pump and the tools necessary to change it -- *didn't* revive it.
If you've never replaced an in-tank fuel pump on the side of the road in the
blazing sun at 100+ degrees, you haven't lived... 

FWIW, it had been making a little bit of noise -- enough so that I'd already
bought a new pump and had it on the shelf -- but seemed to run okay.  Now, I
realize that it was definitely down on power (low fuel pressure) and hard to
start as well ... something to keep in mind when you're diagnosing a lack of

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