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Re: 4kq Stainless brake lines

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Mark Nelson wrote:

> Sorry, if this has been brought up before, but does anybody know where I
> can order a set of stainless brake lines for my 4kq for a good price?
> I'm trying to have my suspension and brakes all done on the car by this
> weekend.
> cya!
> -mark nelson
GPR $45 non-dot $65 DOT.  They're the same lines but the DOT ones have
been placed on the machine and swirled around (tested) then given the
stamp.  I bought the non-dot, because they said majority of the racers
have bought them without failure.  They look great and a more firm pedal
since the line is no longer expanding as much.

'88 90 Q

P.S.  GPR is German Parts Restoration.  Look in the back of European Car
for the number.