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Re: Center section: HP Gain or loss?

I wouldn't remove the center section.  It doesn't contain a muffler...it's a
resonator (actually a Helmholz resonator) that itself doesn't have any
internal obstructions.  The exhaust might (?) get quieter with a glass-pack
in that location but would likely be more restrictive plus the exhaust would
be cooled even more at that point by the glass material and might flow less,
not more.  The job of the center section resonator is to tunably eliminate
audible sound pressure waves by cancellation, so it's not a "muffler" per-se
(in the sense of "shouting into a pillow").  I think you've already done all
you can reasonably expect to do, power-wise, by replacing the perhaps
restrictive stock final muffler, unless you're willing to go the whole route
and replace the exhaust manifold with headers and completely different
tubing.  The exhaust could conceivably become louder with a loss in power by
removing the resonator and replacing it with a "muffler".  Most of the
aftermarket performance exhausts that I've seen advertised keep the
resonator.  Why would they if there were significant power gains to be
realized by eliminating it?

Best Wishes,