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back again


after a few weeks away, i'm back on the list...

interested about peoples comments about the new 5th generation quattro system
to be debuted on the new v8 s6.

1) using clutches aka porsche 959 and nissan gtr.
2) no more torsen, anywhere.
3) no mention of edl either (as on the gen iv hardware (new s4))
4) some talk about a 300kw+ vw for the s6.
5) no mention of the control mechanism in use, whether computer-controlled or

on a negative side, i notice the plans for audi to debut the 2.7 v6tt in the a6
without the s6 badge, thereby ruining the "motorsport" moniker.

any bets on the audi/benneton tie up now that bmw has committed to williams and
mercedes to mclaren?

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q