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Re: "Shorty" Ur-Quattro for sale - Reply

Derek...that's the IDEA!  

We each put in our $55 and the List collectively owns the car!!!  We all
split the maintenance, modifications and storage.  We arbitrate about who
gets to drive it where and when.  We collectively nit-pick every detail
regarding the car's appearance and specification.  Maintenance jobs are
done like a giant horde of locusts with wrenches descending on the car. 
We become a list of monomaniac zealots serving the green turbocharged
Icon Of Quattro.

After about six months, most of the Quattro list will be dead, murdered in
cold blood by their avaricious listmates.  The weary survivors will cut the
car to pieces with acetylene torches, burn  its fragments on a pyre, and
spread its ashes upon the winds.

Somebody just take out a second and third mortgage on their houses and
buy the damn thing and then rent it out to interested parties on the Q-list
on terms of death.  

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ