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RE: Euro light Group purchase

I'm with Dave.  I about ready to pop for a set of Euro's for my '91
200Q.  Plus, I want to install fog lamps.  Those every Fri. night ski
trips to Vermont can get long at "headlight" speed.  Lets see what we
can work out.

Frank Stadmeyer

>From: 	Bruce Bell[SMTP:bbell@bbell.com]
>Sent: 	Thursday, September 18, 1997 6:10 PM
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>Subject: 	Fw: Euro light Group purchase
>>BTW, with the discussion about Euro lamps...anyone looking into lamps for
>>100/200 series vehicles? My 1990 200T is dangerous at night now that my
>>wife has removed the two fog lamps... :(
>Hella XLs - 100.00
>100 euros - 450.00 plus junkyard 100 grill and side marker lights (jobber
>price 35.00 ea)
>200 euros - 650-750.00
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>Thanks to Bernie Strub there is another source that is quite promising.
>I talked to  Eddie Delgado of WolfSport, in CA and he is adamant about
>busting Pumas price. He has in stock 3 sets of the Bosch H4 lights for the
>4k series cars. these are the ones EC reported on in their 4kq project a
>couple of years ago.  He will sell these at "Around $300" US per set. 
>Notice the word AROUND.  He also has lights for the 5000, 100 and 200 cars.
>As an owner of an '85 Urq he can talk Audi.  For those of us who want the
>H4/H1 he will order the Hella units for us at , there is that word again,
>around $500 per set with brackets. Catch, about 2 months for delivery
>unless he can sell at least 8 sets then Air shipment is a possibility. Also
>with enough volume he will further discount to us.
>He says Puma sells to him at about the same price they will sell to us. So
>he does want to undercut their price.  Also the H4 & H1 units for the quad
>headlight system are "around" 35-40 dollars.
>His email is <eddied@jps.net>, or you can call him during California
>business hours @ 1-800-342-8669.
>> From: Bruce Bell <bbell@bbell.com>
>> Euro lights availability.
>> 1) Metrix 800 463-8749 Phillipe Sabot
>> Metrix only carries Bosh in the large areo style for the '85-'87 4K
>>  No price yet, I'll talk to him again on Thursday. He was too busy to
>> at the moment.
>> 2) Puma Paul. 800 333-7862 They answer the phone as "performance
>> Carries Hella. the H4/H1 units list at $699 including bracket. He will
>> these at $599 a set. He has lights in stock; however, he is still waiting
>> for the brackets to arrive. 
>> The Hella H4 unit is $379 per set.
>> H4 and H1 lights for the quad headlight system on earlier 4k's are $42
>> each.
>> He doesn't have the 3M film to protect the lights though said he'd look
>> into getting it. He does have the Hard lexan covers for the 4k at $49 per
>> set.
>> Disclaimers, no affiliation here though I did place an order at the above
>> prices. I know from a previous post Bryan Gunn has used Puma with
>> satisfactory results.
>> If you order, ask for Paul mention the internet quattro list and these
>> prices.
>> Bruce Bell
>> bbell@bbell.com