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1998 Audi calendars available

Hi Y'all,

The snail-mail from Germany finally arrived today.  Here's the poop:

"Just as in previous years the AUTO UNION Gmbh, the traditional company of
Audi AG, offers you a wall calendar for the year 1998.  It depicts in
fascinating detailed photos rare model cars from our almost 100 years of

Tada tada yatchety...  

"You ... will delight at the colour pictures of small-scale plastic or tin
models which range from, for example, the Audi Alpine Winner, Wanderer W25
K, Horsh saloon cars, Auto Union racing cars, DKW roadster, DKW delivery
van, up to Audis of the sixties."

The calendar consists of 12 pages plus title page and measures 14 x 18
inches.  (Note: not cm!)

The letter also states that if we get a minimum of 100 calendars they can be
imprinted with up to two lines of "our own" information (such as
quattro@coimbra.ans.net and http:\\  etc. or whatever the group as a whole
might prefer.

Pricing information:

20 DM + VAT (14%, I believe) = 22.8 DM

Assuming a 1.50 DM to US$1 exchange rate (How valid is the 1.50?) this
translates to about $15.20.

Shipping will be another $6-7 or about $23 as a high estimate.  I propose to
offer calendars for $25 each.  I do not want to make a profit from this
project so after international calls are reimbursed, any excess funds will
be donated to charity.  (Charity nominations are in order or you can leave
it up to me to choose.)

To order send a check payable to me for $25 to arrive before November 1 for
each calendar desired at the address in my .sig file below.  The extra
couple of dollars covers possible exchange rate changes between now and when
the calendars are shipped.

Be sure to include your snail-mail address with your order.  E-mail requests
will be acknowledged but unless it's CIF (cash in fist) your calendar won't
be ordered.

Personally, I hope we get at least 100 calendars ordered.  Having them
imprinted with "our company logo" would be kinda neat.  :-)

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