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90 V8 For Sale :-(

It's time to sell my V8 for that family truckster :-(
of course the truckster will be an 100cs/A6 Quattro Wagon 
so it won't be that bad :-)

1990 V8 Bamboo/Tan(Conolly Leather option), auto,
build date 6/90, 97k, Bose stereo, 200tq front brakes, 
service records since new, timing belt at 60k, 
Boge Turbo gas up front, Koni's in back, all new 
bushings in rear suspension in last 10k miles, 
had 90k service a few month's back. Still rides
and feels solid, no squeaks rattles etc...

I'm asking $11,500.- or best offer.

I'm not subs*ribed so please reply by e-mail or
give me a buzz.
* Mike LaRosa, Manager 
* Internet Telco Business Unit
* Premium Services
* Bay Networks
* 1000 Tech. Park
* Billerica, Ma. 01821
* 508-916-1104
* mlarosa@baynetworks.com