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Re: No Audi's coming to local dealer this month

Well -- at least one came to Criswell in Annapolis, MD - a Europa
Blue/Titanium 2.8 30v quattro, manual with sport package.  Of course,
I did order it in June, so it has been expected for a while now.

It came with 4 miles on the odometer, the next 25 were great (no high
revs or above 70mph), but then the red oil pressure warning light came
on, apparently for no reason (oil level is ok, oil cap & dipstick are
on tight, no oil leak over night).  So today the flatbed came and
brought it back to Criswell...  They gave me an aruca loaner, but
promised to fix it first thing Monday morning...  I suspect a bad
ground in/near the sensor, but I would rather have the aruca for two
days than take a chance on the engine blowing up...

In one of the reviews I read, they said the car was about perfect,
except for the cup holders (true, but they are clever, and different
from any others.  besides, you are not suposed to drink & drive), and
the radio is too complicated.  This seems like they were lazy - the
volume is a big knob on the left, the search up/search down is just to
the left of the volume, and the frequency is displayed in the trip
computer....  It is far easier to use than the aruca integra
loaner....  On the other hand, if this is all they can complain about,
then I guess thats a pretty good recommendation.

Another interesting note - they said Audi had increaced prices by ~1%
effective sometime during the first week of September, though they did
not change the price we had negotiated in June.

	-Jim Jensen		jensen@clark.net