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To those who dont believe...

In message <UPMAIL13.199709212110440128@classic.msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> Yes it is true, I've seen it with ny own eyes - Phil Payne DOES have a fiche 
> reader in the boot of his quattro.

For the unaware - several listers (Jim, Elliot, Malcolm Pearce, George and 
myself at least) met up on the UK quattro Owner's Club stand in front of 
Chatsworth House yesterday.  For those who don't know it - Chatsworth was the 
model for Pemberley in Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' and the description in 
the book is literally.  Sadly, the BBC used Lyme Park for their version.

Anyway, the afternoon was punctuated for me by a steady stream of people being 
brought to me by area co-ordinators and others.

"This is him."
"Can I see?"

"Sure."  (No need to ask what.)
"My God - there _is_ a microfiche reader in the boot!"
George is off on his travels, but promised to have the picture(s) he took up on 
the web within a few weeks.

> As for the tool kit, he did admit to having left 'some bits and pieces' at 
> home but even so, 'comprehensive' is an understatement. About the only things 
> I didnt see were a trolley jack or any axle stands. Lets put it this way, once 
> the fiche and the tool chest (no way can you call it a tool BOX) are in the 
> boot along with the full size spare wheel, you arent going to get much else in 
> there. 

Another box, just a little larger than the first, for the fuel injection and 
electrical gear.

> Mind you, it was amusing to see Phil hauling it all out for a third time to 
> try and find his car keys...:-) 

I succeeded.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club