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Adjustable Wastegate

Jerry Beer recently added a stiffer wastegate spring from 
TAP to his 91 200q, reporting more boost & faster 
spoolup. Before I spent the $50 for the spring Ivor 
charges, I messed about. As most of you know, our turbo 
cars come with a (potentially) adjustable spring perch in 
the top of the wastegate. On my Ur-Q, this adustment was 
made impossible by the factory's use of epoxy which I 
was unable to drill out. However, my 20v turbo merely 
had an aluminum cap that was easy to drill out. I now 
have an adjustable wastegate- but I can't really 
experiment until I get my problem solved (see my post 
under "Boost Induced Woes"). So help me solve the 
aforementioned problem and I'll report on my drilling & 
adjustment vs. Ivor's spring.

91 200q
89 80q