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Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael Burton say:

> Im sure this has been on the list before, so sorry if I am repeating this 
> question but:
> I had some new front strut inserts put on my car on Saturday, and ever 
> since, my ABS has not worked. Basically the orange warning light comes on 
> after about 20/30 seconds driving. If I press the switch to reset it, the 
> light will come on again after 20/30 seconds.
> Now Ive most likely done the wrong thing, but I pulled the sensors out 
> and cleaned them up.

They busted one of your ABS sensors. These are little black
plastic things that stick into the wheel near the brakes
and read the wheel speed electronically.

One of them (on the front) was damaged/banged/moved when they
put in your struts. Take it back to the shop and get them to
check both of them over. Jiggle both; it may just be loose.
Otherwise, you'll need a new sensor; about $200-$250. Not
hard to put in.


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