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Re: 5000CSQT head mods...

> From: ScottyCBoy@aol.com


> If bigger valves are going to be installed what is the largest head
> for intake/exhaust???
> As far as porting goes where can the largest gains be made, the intake
> or the exhaust ports???

Good questions which I would also like to see discussed.  John Beckius
wrote an article for the Quattro Quarterly in which he said: "Do not match
the exhaust ports to the exhaust manifold!!!". He goes on to say there is
an intentional mismatch to create a "reversion dam" that prevents exhaust
gas from reentering the combustion chamber. The full text of this article
can be found at <http://www.rof.net/yp/sportwhl/engine3.htm>

I'm curious, as I don't ever remember this coming up in any discussions on
this list.  I know several of you have had your heads ported and polished,
even extrude honed. what did you folks do with the exhaust ports?