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Installation Techniques for H4/H1 lights

I received my lights from Puma today . Considering I didn't mail the check
until last Saturday they provided quick service. Included were new brackets
and a nifty new connector for adapting the H4 lamps to my wiring harness. 

Regarding installation, I have a couple of questions for those of you who
have BTDT.

I am going to wire in relays. How many should I use? What configuration? My
first thought was to use 3 relays. One for the two H1 lamps one for the H4
high beams and one for the low beams.  What gauge wire is recommended?

For the city lights, I thought to relay those to the ignition so they will
be on any time the ignition is on.  When I get the side marker lights
installed, I'll wire them as they are currently.  As reported earlier,
H4/H1 lamps (Hella) do not have built in side marker lamps. 

One more. Each reflector has two adjustment screws, upper and lower on the
same side of the reflector. Without trying it I assume one of these,
provide adjustment in  the vertical plane while the other is for the
horizontal. Any one know which is which?