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New member with Audi Coupe GT

I just purchased last week an '85 Audi Coupe GT.  I love the car, the
motor is to DIE for, but it's going to have to get some help in the
suspension department.  Previous daily driver was an '85 Jetta GLI with
Dunlops and real struts.  (not to worry, I still have an '84 Jetta as my
backup car, plus a garage full of A1 parts, so I'm still heavily rooted in
VW, though Audi IS VW, anyway...)
Does Neuspeed make SofSports for Audis?  If so that's probably the way
I'll go.  How about Boge TurboGas struts?  Again, that would probably be
the way I'd go.  I'd like better handling, but still have to manage the
poor roads in Indiana.  Oh, I saw somebody mention on a web page (with
no email contact, so I couldn't contact him directly) that the addition 
of a rear swaybar helped the handling dramatically.  From my own
experience with this car and others I would have to agree. I'm also
searching for a set of 15" wheels for the car, I imagine I'll keep the 14"
ones for winter driving.

Anyway, any info would be appreciated, and I'm glad to be on the list ;)


Barry J. McCabe
'the sunflower conspiracy'