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Re: trashy 200s

> When other people have checked out cars, are they all over priced given
> the real condition? Or 
> am I just finding some winners. Anyway the search goes on, I have driven
> a few other wagons, 
> one looks like a good prospect, my wife and I will return on thursday so
> she can drive it, 
> hopefuly a reasonable price can be agreed upon.

Dave, I've done a lot of buying and selling in the last 3 months or so,
and it sounds like you're right on the mark.  Many lots will neglect the
problems of a car, and continue to ask the retail price, figuring that
their aren't many of us who can find the problems.

Keep looking, be persistent, you'll be able to find a good solid deal.
And avoid those lots - look in the local ad papers maybe?

BTW, got any parts you want to sell off your '86 Coupe GT?  Like a
non-torn driver's seat or shift knob, 15" wheels, Bentley manuals, or
performance parts of any kind? ;)

Anyway, good luck, and keep looking.

Barry J. McCabe
'the sunflower conspiracy'