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UrQ Intercooler hoses from aluminum

>Has anyone replaced any of their rubber intercooler and turbo
>hoses with aluminum pipe and rubber elbows? Seems like it
>could be done with the help of Spearco. The line to the
>wastegate could be T'd off the main intercooler to intake pipe.
>Just a PITA trial fitting, measuring, checking very small angles,
>etc. Any BTDT's. Thanks.

I haven't used the aluminum pipe, but once we had a set of mandrel bent
pipes made by an exhaust shop which duplicated the ur-q intake plumbing.
We installed it on a friends ur-q along with a boost bypass valve. Used
some gates rubber tubing to join the pipes. It worked fine, but he
removed it a short time later. I still have the pipes in a box in my
garage for future use. I currently run the stock ur-q rubber pipes on my
ur-q, but plan on plumbing in a bypass valve at somepoint and might use
the custom plumbing.
Dave Lawson