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New Audi for ME!

Just bought myself my first Audi---quite the car.  86 5kCS turbo with 
all the fixin's.  It drives awesome, but I've got a couple of questions 
that I'll have to resolve in the near future.  

1) Sunroof- I've read a lot of archived mail on it, but still haven't 
found an answer.  It's an electric, of course, but is there a manual 
overide or some such?  The thing doesn't work at all right now, I 
don't even hear a motor trying to work when I press the switch.  
Any ideas?  Best solutions or experiences?

2) When I accelerate, it veers to the right pretty bad--is this just 
alignment or could it be a worse problem?

3) Stereo-I definitely wanna put something else in it.  Removal-how 
do I do it?  I've tried to get that stupid thing out using the ol' 
two pieces of hanger mix, but it's stuck on something.  I'm thinking 
I might use Crutchfield, since they have a few specials on a Pioneer 
deck and speakers.  Any suggestions?  

4) The Tach (RPM gauge) every now and then dies...how can I get to the connection 
to maybe resolder it or something?  After a few minutes, it will just 
suddenly start working again.

5) It's got 211,000 miles on it (mostly highway) and the tune-up 
light is on.  Should I have an Audi dealership do a tune-up, a normal 
old mechanic, or do the stuff myself?  If me-what catalogs should I 
look at or who should I call for parts, etc.  What problems should I 
be concerned about?

Any responses to any question would be appreciated!

Dave Marble
86 Audi 5000 CS Turbo grey/grey