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auto trans upshift delay & ac cutoff

Hi all. I'm back from vacation. Did about 4,500 miles in my 865kCST with
nary a problem. Did about 85 most of the way and it just rolled on. It
was great!

About a week after though, I'm having problems with the auto tranny.
When I first start it up, it doesn't want to upshift. 1-2 or 2-3 won't
upshift unless I really accelerate and then once it finally does, it's
usually fine until I park it overnight. Otherwise shift points seem to
be pretty solid and positive. Any ideas, anyone??

Also, ac worked fine but noticed it cuts off when I heavy accelerate. Is
there a switch or something that controls this or might it be related to
the tranny thing? Checked the ac relay in fusepanel under hood and it
seems to be working properly. Hotwired the ac clutch and it kicks in and
compressor blows real cold almost instantly. Any help, much appreciated.

BTW, did the dipstick test and idle decreases when stick is pulled out.


Don S.