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Re: C-GT hit metal plate, lost cylinder(s)!?

On Tue, 23 Sep 1997 17:47:03 -0700, Ken wrote:

>Just now, coming home from work, I hit a metal plate at about 50 or so
>miles an hour.  You know, the half inch or whatever steel plates that
>they put over huge trenches in the road until they finish.  My car's
>lowered a bit, not too much (uncut ABT Sportsline coils), and I'm
>running 205/40 series tires, so it was a bit of a jar.  Not to mention
>my nice new-to-me stock C-GT blown front struts/housings that I replaces
>my brand new Scirocco front strut/modified housings with.
>Anyways, now my car has lost power, and has a rough idle.  For those of
>us who know what I mean, it "lopes" now, moves the car and everything. 
>It actually sounds kinda cool, except that there's no power, and I'm
>sure it's not good for MPG!
>Also, my voltage dropped way down, and my dash lights (the low voltage
>warning lights) barely come on.

I think there's a good chance that the alternator moved causing
the belt to become loose. You are probably just running off
the battery right now. But not for much longer.

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Boulder, CO
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