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Treated well by dealer..

Just thought I should mention a recent experiance I had with a used Audi
Dealer in VT. After posting that i was looking for a V-8 Dave Flagg e-mailed
me about one he had. I drove 4 hours up on a Sunday to see the car and Dave
met me there. The car had not been gone thru yet but he addressed all of my
concerns. I left a $100 cash deposit. As it turns out I will not be buying a
car now due to the realities and needs of my business and my wife reminding
me of how well our 5000 wagon runs. I contacted Dave and he was very
pleasant. He immediatly returned my deposit with the hope that we could do
business someday. I believe we certainly will. Too often we p#@! and moan
about dealers et al. This guy seemed straight to me. Just my 2 cents.