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Bought a V8?

Well, I put a deposit on a V8 yesterday. 11K on a 90. Pearl/black. 107K.
Seemed really nice. Dealer was very cooperative with my "list " of repairs
including timing belt service. Alot of dumb but important repairs; ie armrest
lid, radio, broken lenses, trans service. It did have a hot start problem
that concerns me though. I read a bit about that here but I don't remember
the specifics. His shop is a Bosch service center so one would think he could
handle the repair. Naturally I have a bit of anxiety about the purchase.
Namely, will he actually come thru with the work as agreed and did I miss
anything. Oh yeah, he said the car had the brake upgrade on it with the
100/200 rotors and strut. I felt the braking had more effort than it should.
The car stopped fine but definitly more pressure then on my 5000s. Is that a
side effect of the upgrade?  All things considered I feel it is a fair deal.
But if anyone has any comments I'm all ears/modems!


Now definitly with a super rare 88 5spd 5000s wagon for sale. ($4200)