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Re: Recently Assimilated ( '92 100)

At 09:36 AM 09/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Just bought a '92 100CS quattro Wagon w/ 54K on the clock. Just a
>couple of questions:

Congrats... welcome to the Audi family... and to this wild and zany bunch of Audi enthusiasts here on the 'net!!

I have a '92 100S (non-q... a bummer... but it is still a great car!!), and have owned it for a little over two years. I have put about 70k miles on myself... with the odo showing 123k miles now. Needless to say... I've BTDT on a few things. Check out my web-page (in my sig below) for more info and pictures of my car. I've done some slight mods... and the page should tell you a bit more.
If you don't have web access, e-mail me and I'll tell you more.

>1. Are there any particular dangers with the 2.8 V6? That is to say,
>certain common premature wear items, things to look out for, etc.

Nope... nothing unusual regarding wear items. This car has been VERY reliable for me... it has been great!! I love it.. the best car I've ever owned. I will drive it for another 100k miles at least... (of course, I plan to get a used quattro for winter use... and track events with the QCUSA).

The auto tranny was replaced the week after I bought the car. I bought it with 49k miles on the clock. After I picked it up at the dealership, and was driving home, I noticed that it kinda' was hesitating/slipping when shifting into 2nd gear. I brought it back, and they ended up recommending, and getting approval from Audi of America, to just put in a new tranny.. rather than try and figure out what was wrong with it. I didn't care... heck.. they paid for it under warranty ($5k!!), and I got a new tranny in a car with 49k miles on it. Everything with the tranny since then has been fine (knock on Zebrano...).

Hmm...let's see. The rest has more or less been routine maintenance. I did have the trunk lock replaced... something in there just kinda' snapped or whatever. The control module for the power lock system, which also does all those other wonderful things (i.e. alarm system, closing of window etc. with the key), shorted out and eventually killed the battery. That was an expensive part... something over $300... and while having that replaced... I had a new battery installed (it was getting up there in age and miles anyway...).

Hmmm... what else. Timing belt... see below. Well, I think that is it. Not bad eh? Especially after 5 years and 123k miles!!

>I am in the habit of changing oil every 3K and using OEM filters. What else
>can you folks suggest?

Well, this is always a touchy subject with the folks on the list. There are some die-hard dino oil fans, with 3k mile interval changes, and those (including myself) that adhere to the synthetic oil belief. I use Amsoil synthetic oil and filters (the filters are specially designed for better filtration, and for extended drain intervals), and have been doing so in my cars for years. Awesome stuff indeed. For more info, I have a link off my web-page (essentially, their URL is http://www.amsoil.com). I change my oil every 12k miles, with filter changes every 4k miles (sometimes, by delinquent behavior, it goes to 5k or 6k miles). I have yet to have a problem, in this car or any other.

I can't say enough good things about their oil and filters. They lubricate so well, that you will notice a difference in how much quieter and smoother the engine runs (I was amazed a few years ago by this... when I put it in my '87 Pontiac Bonneville. The difference convinced me... that's for sure.). Of course, this is my opinion... please look into it (and others) as you see fit... and make your own decision. As the saying goes... "usual disclaimers.. and YMMV (your mileage may vary)!!"

>One particular item of interest is the timing belt. What is the standard TB change interval? I ask because years ago
>I had a quantum with the 5cyl and a bad attitude. Wish me luck.

The TB should be done about the 60k mile mark. I asked the dealer service rep where I bought it, and she had said 90k miles. I thought that was a bit high. If I waited that long, and it went in the meantime, do you think they'd pay for the damage to the head and valves? Of course not... they'd say that 90k miles is a "guesstimate".... and tough sh*t buddy... fork over the big $$$ now!!

I actually waited until almost 75k miles, and I felt like I was pushing my luck. As it was, the spring-loaded tensioner on mine was binding up... so failure was coming soon. I had the tensioner replaced... and I believe I also had the water pump done (hmmm... maybe not...). Well, whatever, have them take a peek at the water pump. It is sometimes worth it to have it replaced while they do the TB (i.e. save on labor).

I've been told that the first TB should be done at 60k miles, and the second one can be done another 90k miles later. I don't know why that is so... doesn't make much sense to me. Needless to say... I've been having mine checked periodically... so as to try and avoid disaster. I'll probably have it done soon... just for peace of mind.

>2. Does anyone know how to control the rear window wiper? The manual
>for '92 seems aimes 100% at the sedan, and does not cover this. I can
>turn the thing on, but then it wipes intermittently for about five
>minutes and stops. Ideas?

Sorry, mine is a sedan. Good luck.

>3. Stock Audi gamma Radio. Reception is poor. >??????

I've heard others say that... but I have not really noticed a real bad problem. Of course, maybe I'm used to it by now. :-)

>4.Does anyone have any experience with Audi shops in the DC area
>(preferably on the VA side)? I like to do most of my owm work, but I
>have not collected any of the special VW/Audi tools yet.

Sorry, I am in MD, but north of Baltimore. I haven't really found any local places yet... I found a great place in PA. I have been bringing it there for the last year or so, since I moved down here from Boston.

>5.With the Audi slushbox, I sometimes have a little trouble engaging
>park, and thus, have a heck of a time pulling out the key. The dealer
>suggested it is a binding cable (to the tune of $300.00). Any
>experience with this problem?

Nope... must be specific to your car. Is it under warranty? Hopefully so...

>I appreciate your help, and enjoy the list. Thanks in advance.

Good luck. If I can be of any other help, let me know.

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 100S