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Re: Air bags (again) (sorry! last time)

From: John Allred <jallred@rtimeinc.com>
>Ah yes, the "Government Knows Best" argument:  "don't worry your pretty
>little head, just do what Big Mamma government says."  What's really
>happening here is a dive for political cover after the mandating of passive
>restraints by previous administrations.
>government bozos [blah blah blah]
> [more anti-government ranting removed]
>I apologize to the list for my strident tone.  The tone comes from personal
>experience -- if I had mindlessly done what some government functionary
>told me to do, I'd probably be dead now.  Good judgement while driving (or
>living, for that matter) maximizes your time on this planet -- not some
>edict from on high.


I'm sorry the government has victimized you so, I realy am.

The reason the goverment mandated airbags in all passenger vehicles was so
that ALL PEOPLE COULD AFFORD THEM. That's the only reason - so people
weren't only safe in Lexus or BMW, but also in a Geo or Hyundai. If you see
some hidden goverment agenda, then so be it.

Rob Winchell
87 4kCS (Big cushy steering wheel to stop me)