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Sample calendar has arrived

Hi Y'all,

Audi sent me a sample of the 1998 Audi calendar.  Guess who's going to keep
that one.  :-)

It's the same size and orientation as the 1996 calendar.  18" wide by 14"
tall.  It features twelve different scale models of older Audi family
products.  Horsches, DKWs, Auto Union (37 Avus), Wanderer plus some more
modern Audis (from the 50's and 60's).  It's kinda neat.  :-)

If you would like to order one, let me know.  My cost, after expenses are
paid, is likely to be about $22-$24 each (or thereabouts).  I am asking $25
for each calendar.  I'm not doing this as a money making project.  Any
"profits" will be donated to a worthwhile recipient.  Someone has suggested
that they go to Dan to help cover his list-related expenses.  How does that
sound to you?

I will need your check on or before November 1.  

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