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Re: Sample calendar has arrived

> for each calendar.  I'm not doing this as a money making project.  Any
> "profits" will be donated to a worthwhile recipient.  Someone has suggested
> that they go to Dan to help cover his list-related expenses.  How does that
> sound to you?
Well, Bob has taken the responsibility for making these calendars available 
to those of us in the states several times now.  I know that he has made 
sure that the cost of the calendars covers his expenses.  I don't think 
that we're talking about too much money here, my suggestion is that we tell 
Bob to keep the overage and use it for whatever purpose he sees fit.  Hell, 
perhaps his dogs need new bibs to keep them from drooling on the leather!  :)

This subject reminds me of the difficulty we Yanks have with getting goodies 
from the factory ... such as the Audi Sport products.  I just sent an e-mail 
to the German Audi HQ asking them to consider making such available as well 
as some of those more potent variants of their product line.  Their original 
response was to go through AoA, but I told them that AoA does not appear to 
be interested in doing this ...

Thanks again Bob for taking the time to get the calendars for us!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)