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re: 4K A/C charge

"J. Smethers" <smethers@fast.net> wrote:

> Today I tackled the heater core project.  Definitely not the easiest thing
> to get to, and my a/c charge had to be sacrificed in order to slide the
> evaporator forward enough to gain access the core itself.


Please don't tell me you just vented it out into the atmosphere!  If not
for the environment, then for your pocketbook!  That stuffs expensive! 
If you did, you could (should, IMO) have had the charge taken out by an
A/C shop, then put back in after putting it all together.  I think they
give you full credit for whatever quantity you have.  Correct me if I'm

Just looking out for our wallets (and skin I guess)!  And, yes, I do
know what it's like to have your car in pieces, with the A/C shop on the
other side of town.  Just a thought.

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