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Re: Stupidity in Virginia - YES, QUATTRO CONTENT!

Linkov, Jonathan wrote:

> OK, the Virginia government, in their wise and esteemed decision
> making, has
> decided to go to Dynanometer emissions testing.  This is, since the
> tests
> are performed at the local Texaco (insert favorite gass franchise
> here),
> Billy Bob (no offene to the Billy Bob's on the list  - I HATE being
> PC!)
> gets in your car, hooks it up to the rollers and "drives" it at 15-20
> mph
> while sniffing the tailpipe for "real world conditions" testing.
> Well,
> Maryland officials admit to damaging over 100 cars LAST YEAR ALONE -
> and
> they have service centers with "professionals" doing the tests!!!!  I
> am
> worried about my A4q being launched into the wall by some jockey who
> thinks
> it is a front or rear wheel drive car!!  Does ANYONE have experience
> in
> this?  Last thing I need is to fight a lawsuit against a gas station
> and the
> state, trying to prove one of them is at fault for screwing up my
> car.  Any
> suggestions?
> Jon Linkov
> valiumnj@msn.com
> '96 A4q

  All I know is, if I see them trying to test my car without all four on
the dyno I would stop
them, no ifs and or buts. Only a real dummy would test an awd with only
two wheels on rollers.
But we all know govnment. :-)