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Re: May have to sell my Coupe Q for career advancement!!!!

> I've encountered a tough choice my friends....In the next couple of months I
> will be given the chance to move into a consulting position in my office
> where I would be traveling around Florida consulting physician practices.  I
> would be on the road at least once a week taking doctors with me.  SO, my
> boss says that would mean I would have to sell my car and get one with lower
> miles and possibly 4 doors.
> I really love my Coupe Quattro.....what to do? should I sell it to further my
> career?
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> '90 Coupe Q       K&N cone, BBS rims, TAP chip, tag:QUATRO-1
> '96 BMW 318ti    no mods yet....

Um, NO!  Sell the 318ti, and get a 318 4 door.  Problem solved!

Barry J. McCabe
'the sunflower conspiracy'