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Re: noise

> Thanks for the help with the knock sensor. I' ve followed Phil's procedure
> and pulled the codes quite easily. It turned out to be a knock sensor as
> I've suspected. But lately I am experiencing an annoying noise in my 86
> 5ksct: it starts around 40 mph and goes away gradually at 65. Replacement
> of both halfshafts did not help. The noise can be felt on the steering
> wheel and increases with the slight left turn. It goes away when turning
> right. I tend to suspect front wheel bearing(s) but do not know how to test
> them. Or could it be a final drive? Oil there seems OK. Any suggestions are
> greatly appreciated.

I'd suspect the right front wheel bearing.  Put the car on a lift and
run it - use a stethoscope on the struts to try to find out which
(if any) bearing is bad.  It is most likely the right front one
given the increase in noise turning left since that loads the riht
hand side.