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3 days for nothin' / Venting

Liebe Audi Freunde
	I have spent the last three days in front of my 86 4KSQ because of an
ignition problem. The problem is that I canít get any sparks through the
The 1st thing I did was to check the ground to the engine	Fine
     2.			check:		ignition module		Fine	
     3.			check:		coil  	primary resistance was 							off
		>>>>>>>> changed coil <<<<<<  ( no spark)	  
     4.			check:		cap & rotor	a little worn
		>>>>>>>> changed cap & rotor <<<<<(still no spark)

I have spark (testing it with a bridge wire) to the distr. cap (HT from
coil OK)
but it seems that the spark is not able to get through the rotor to the
5 points 
for some reason (used a ground wire to see if it will spark in the
inside of the
outlets for the plug wires = no spark coming through). 
	What is in between the HT feeding wire(from coil to distrib.)
		and the five outlets for the spark plug wires ( except the rotor) ?
			Hall generator ? Can it make the spark not jump from rotor
				to the five points on the inside of the distrib.
I have checked the wires to the plugs and I have no continuity. I will
change them
tomorrow. This has nothing to do with the sparking problem inside of the
distributor, since I have worked with ground wires.
	I definitely need your help on this one
	Please, Help ( Tell me what I have to do to please the Audi gods)
	Thank You gentlemen 
							a desperate Zafir in Detroit
					(I, a foreign student, will sue Audi if 						they deport me
because I couldnít get to school
					SORRY ! @#$%@^&*& Just venting !@#$%#$@ )