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Job Advice


Saw the post about the possible promotion, congrats!  Now about this get rid
of the CQ thing...DON'T DO IT!  I know you love the car so why get rid of
it?  Does this new position come with some sort of car allowance?  It should
for all the travel it sounds like they are expecting from you.  Why not go
get a "company car" and keep the CQ?  I'm not sure what your financial
status is with the CQ (still owe on mine) but if the CQ is paid off, I'd
just keep her.  Heck I'd keep her anyway.

If you needed some encouragement in not selling consider this it. I'll keep
sending you mails with this message if you feel yourself start to falter.

BTW if you need a "company car" there is a SWEEEEET S6 at the local
Porsche-Audi dealer,  Blk on blk.  It's got the 4-doors you need and the HP
you really want.

Riff out.

Raphael Avila				Product Engineer
riff77@pipeline.com				Hasbro Toy Group
					Cincinnati, OH.

		'90 944S2 Coupe Silver/Burgundy
		'90 Coupe Quattro 20V  Black/Black