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Re: Ned News (Ritchie), Fault Code Software


Regarding the software for downloading Audi and VW fault
codes, this has already been developed and is currently
available from Car Comp Inc. at (812) 876-8081, they have a
web site at www.carcomp.com, and they have been advertising
in the back of European Car for several months. 

It was my understanding from talking to Ned that he was
considering being a distributor of this product. I saw a
demonstration of this software at our last NW Audi Picnic
that was at a lake near Neds house. Alex Neckus had a
version he was trying out on his 20V turbo equipped 4000Q.
Maybe Ned is working with Car Comp to come out with a low
cost version for the backyard mechanic. That would be

I think Car Comp sells the current version of VW/Audi
software with the correct interface cables for around $495.
It is designed to work with 486 or better PC's & laptops.
They also have a generic OBD II version for $249. What
price did Ned quote for this new software product that he
is developing.

Scott M.

> From: kerry griffith <kerry.griffith@m.k12.ut.us>
> Spoke to Ned Ritchie over the weekend. He is developing 
> the technology (available soon, methinks) to download 
> fault codes onto your laptops, which could come in handy 
> for many of us. 
> 	I also have to say he is *extremely* knowledgeable 'bout

> our cars. At the risk of being flamed for commercial 
> endorsement, I heartily recommend him to those of you in 
> need of go-faster parts & knowledge. There are other good

> sources, but I'll bet none more dedicated- this guy lives
> breathes Audi turbos.
> Kerry
> 91 200q
> 89 80q